Hair care tips remain straight as a model

Sparkling naturally straight hair is a dream for every woman. Especially for a model that is identical to give a glamorous style and certainly should look attractive and beautiful. It can also require the possibility of a model to always pay attention to how to care for your hair to straight hair that always maintain their health and also looks always looks lustrous only.

Hair care tips remain straight as a model
Hair care tips
If the model is not able to maintain the appearance, of course, his career could be decreased automatically. Therefore, the model must always maintain a beautiful and natural appearance. A decrease in the model career because many competitors are popping up every year to have a natural hair in the modeling world that the model that already then could decline his career.

How famous model to keep the hair smooth and shiny? If you want a smooth and lustrous hair models emerge, you should always follow the treatment below, include:

First, by using the tea, the tea that often you drink. turns the tea has other benefits that are useful for the treatment and keep the hair to keep it straight and shiny. Always use conditioner after washing the hair with a hair net.

Second, by using milk. It turns out you knew milk could also be used as a mask to keep the hair in order to appear shiny and nice. How to make is to pour milk powder that has been mixed with water. Then stir in the bottle until well blended. Then apply to your hair and then let sit for 30 minutes until it feels dry to the hair. Then rinse in cold water until clean.

The third use of banana or papaya. Banana or papaya can use for a hair mask that is useful for keeping your pet hair shiny. How to mix papaya and banana then puree. Then Mix one tablespoon of milk in banana and papaya mixture, stirring until smooth. Then, apply a mask of banana and papaya for the hair and scalp. let stand for about 30 minutes. Then rinse in cold water until clean.

For models using these treatments into one routine that is often useful to keep the hair in order to keep it straight and shiny. Hopefully a success for those who want straight hair.